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Aircraft Model to Land in the Career Exploration Centre

Image Design and Fabrication

Our team is working with SAIT’s Career Exploration Centre to build an interactive display for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology program. The Design, Fabrication and Testing team is  building a side portion of an aircraft fuselage and a portion of a wing. Students who come to the Career Exploration Centre will be able to perform maintenance and repair activities that simulate the actual tasks they would complete in this trade, including inspection, replacement and adjustment of aircraft components. Made from wood, plastic and aluminum, the wing will span four feet and the fuselage (complete with windows) will be approximately six feet long.

“For us, it’s creating that connection with current or prospective students and being a service provider for other areas of SAIT,” explains research associate Jim Nikkel. “It also forces us to design things in a slightly different way. Students are given instructions and then they go through certain steps. We have to simplify, show the interesting parts of the project, and then try to teach them something in half an hour.”

The aircraft model will be available year-round in SAIT’s on-campus Career Exploration Centre. Stay tuned for updates about its production.


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