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Environmental Technologies (ET) researchers provide guidance for student project

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Jing Han and Luis Moraes hold a up north and south section view of the plan for their produced water treatment facility.

Jing Han and Luis Moraes hold up a north- and south-section view of the plan for their produced-water treatment facility.

When SAIT Engineering Design and Drafting Technology students Jing Han, Luis Moraes, Denise Enders and Minghui Lu were tasked with their capstone project (a project SAIT students undertake in their last term), finding where to start was daunting. The end result was a design for a portable produced-water treatment facility, but coming to that decision was a challenge.

“At the start, we were lost because we weren’t sure what the project scope should be. We initially wanted to build a treatment facility for the City, but the scope was overwhelming,” explained Han. “That’s when we reached out to ARIS, and Joseph Apawan (ET process engineering researcher) showed us the produced-water treatment train (PWTT). With the help of Joseph, and seeing the PWTT, we defined the scope of the project.”

Working with industry partner Gas Liquid Engineering and ET researchers, the student group were able to address questions that came up and extend their learning.

“When we came into the project, we didn’t have a background in water treatment. ARIS had that expertise and we benefited from that knowledge,” said Luis Moraes. “ARIS and our industry partner gave us a real understanding of what was needed for the project.”

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