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Green Building Technology has National Platform to Partner with Industry

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SAITs Green Building Technology research team (GBT) is one of 30 Technology Access Centers (TAC) across Canada. A TAC is affiliated with Canadian colleges or cégeps (Quebec public colleges), providing access to specialized technology, equipment, and expertise to industry – particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises – with the goal of enhancing industry’s productivity and innovation.

TACs also have a formal nationwide network through Tech-Access Canada. This network enables TACs to share best practices, work to harmonize service models, and promote colleges’ applied research expertise to industry.

The Tech-Access Centre provides a forum for TACs to collaborate and share best practices. At a recent Tech-Access conference, involving TACs from across Canada, David Silburn, General Manager of GBT, spoke on best practices. His presentation highlighted SAITs integrated renewable energy research on solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems (both systems generate electrical power from solar energy). This research, largely conducted at SAITs solar lab has led to product improvement with solar industry suppliers, training courses for SAIT students, and multiple renewable energy projects.

“What is really exciting about GBT being a TAC and part of the Tech-Access network is that we can offer a one-stop-shop for industry. We can help industry meet the full scope of the problem. If the GBT research team doesn’t have the complete answer, we can engage, as needed, the 29 other TACs across Canada and find the expertise, equipment, and facilities they need to solve their innovation challenges,” Silburn explained.

Stay tuned for the opening of a new GBT Lab and Demonstration Centre, opening in late June 2017.

What services does SAITs TAC offer?

GBT became a TAC in 2014. Over the past four years, GBT has offered testing and consulting services and applied research to industry partners including early stage business development, design, and engineering, fabrication and prototyping, laboratory and field site testing services that fundamentally change the way we build, educate and develop skilled labor. Areas of specialty include net-zero and energy positive design and construction, building integrated renewable energy, material and advanced component assembly fabrication and ASTM equivalency testing, energy management, monitoring and performance optimization and architectural ecology including rainwater collection and bio-filtration.

GBT supports the industry by:

  • conducting research and development projects focused on company problems
  • offering specialized technical services and advice
  • providing companies with training related to new types of equipment and processes

What does the Tech-Access Canada TAC network provide to industry?

  • the combined expertise and experience of over 1,000 authorities on business innovation and applied Research and Development
  • over 2.4 million square feet of innovation and applied research space
  • over $250 million in highly-specialized equipment and facilities

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