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Gearing up for the Career Exploration Centre

Image Design and Fabrication

The interactive aircraft model being made by the Design, Fabrication and Testing team for SAIT’s Career Exploration Centre is almost complete. Now we’re back in the School of Construction’s woodshop and our fabrication labs to create an interactive engine.

Modelled after a 5.9-litre Cummins diesel engine, the interactive model is designed for the School of Transportation’s Heavy Equipment Technician program. The engine will allow students visiting the Career Exploration Centre to unhook fuel lines, remove the engine head and replace a piston. The model also incorporates real elements of a Cummins diesel engine including a fuel pump and turbocharger.

“Taking a project that’s complex, like taking apart an engine, and making it so a 14-year-old can complete it in 20 to 30 minutes is a fun challenge,” said Kevin Bartsch, researcher and project lead.

“Creating these interactive displays for the Career Exploration Centre has also given us the opportunity to build partnerships with SAIT’s Schools of Construction and Transportation.  Building these relationships provides insight into other departments and will pave the way for further collaboration.”

Fun facts about the engine:

  • The main structure of the engine is made of medium-density fibreboard, but also incorporates ABS and PVC pipe, and machined aluminum components.
  • The aluminum crankshaft (which moves the internal components of the engine), piston connecting rods and journal bearings are custom-made by ARIS machinist Mike Shewchuk.
  • The  pistons and valve covers were 3D printed.
  • The engine will weigh 170 pounds, and will be approximately 36 inches long and 24 inches wide.

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