Which topography is suitable for agriculture?

The optimal slope for agricultural cultivation was 0–5°, so this amount of slope was important in the assessment of the agricultural production potential of cropland.

Is agricultural production affected by the topography and climate of the country?

Most studies of the influence of weather and climate on food production have examined the influence on crop yields. However, climate influences all components of crop production, includes cropping area (area planted or harvested) and cropping intensity (number of crops grown within a year).

What factors influencing agriculture?

Climate, land relief, soil and vegetation are the main factors which influence agricultural activity. The growth of plants depends on the temperature and humidity of the land and the amount of light it receives.

How does terrain affect agriculture?

Most crops are grown on land with shallow slope where the temperature, precipitation, and soils are favorable. In areas that are too steep, wet, or dry, landscapes have been modified to allow cultivation.

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What is importance of topography?

Importance of Topography As different landforms alter the climate of different places. Therefore it helps the weather forecasters to determine the weather conditions. Apart from this, the military uses this to gather information on the land area. Thus they can plan their strategies with the help of it.

What is topography in agriculture?

Topography —that is, the surface of the soil and its relation to other areas—influences efficiency of operation. In modern mechanized farming, large, relatively level fields allow for lower operating costs.

What is environmental factors affecting agricultural production?

Drought and crop failure, global warming, climate change, water pollution, rising migration from rural to urban areas, as well as rising incomes from exploiting oil resources, which made it possible to reorient the tastes of the population to imported food, have led to industry stagnation.

What are the economic factors affecting agriculture?

Impact of Socio- economic Factors on Agriculture

  • Land Tenancy:
  • Size of Holdings and Fragmentation of Fields:
  • Consolidation of Holdings and Operational Efficiency:
  • Labour:
  • Capital:
  • Mechanization and Equipment’s:
  • Transportation Facilities:
  • Marketing Facilities:

What are three types of farming?

Farming are three types:-

  • Intensive subsistence farming:-
  • Primitive subsistence farming:-
  • Shifting cultivation:-
  • Commercial grain farming:-
  • Commercial mixed farming:-
  • Commercial plantation farming:-

What are the four factors influencing agriculture class 8?

Answer: The factors that influence agriculture include soil, climate, topography, population etc.

Which factor does not influence agriculture?

Sandy soil is not fit for agriculture as it does not retain water. On the other hand, loam soils are good for agriculture. Agriculture develops in fertile land that is rich in organic matter. 2)Climate: Sunshine, humidity and rainfall are important factors that influence agriculture.

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How does Relief influence agriculture?

Answer. Livestock farming and forestry adapt better to mountainous terrain. The relief will also affect the available water resources.

What are examples of terrain?

There are different types of terrains. The common ones are plateau, mountain, plain, and valley terrains. Other types of terrains include open, tundra, oasis, steppe, desert, swamp, forest, marsh, river, and hill. Open terrains are flat and open grasslands while tundra refers to flat and icy wastelands.

What is definition of agriculture?

Agriculture is the practice of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture was the key development in the rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that enabled people to live in cities.

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