What is WiMAX and how does it work?

WiMAX delivers ‘last-mile’ wireless broadband Internet access. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, better known as WiMAX (IEEE 802.16) is a standards-based technology that delivers “last-mile” wireless broadband access – or wireless connectivity to rural locations, according to the WiMAX Forum.

What is WiMAX used for?

WiMAX is primarily used as a wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN). Derived from wireless metropolitan area networks (WMAN), WiMAX can provide broadband data communication access services ranging from urban to rural settings.

What is WiMAX define the network technology?

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a family of wireless broadband communication standards based on the IEEE 802.16 set of standards, which provide multiple physical layer (PHY) and Media Access Control (MAC) options.

What is the difference between WiFi and WiMAX?

WiMax uses licensed or unlicensed spectrum to deliver connection to network. WiMax handle a larger inter-operable network. WiMax can be used to provide internet services such as mobile data and WiFi spots. Difference between WiFi and WiMax:

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WiFi WiMax
WiFi connection can transmit upto 54 mbps. WiMax connection can transmit upto 70 mbps.

Is WiMAX used today?

WiMAX is currently being used by operators across the world precisely for this purpose. Today, you can find WiMAX embedded in many devices including USB dongles, WiFi devices, laptops, and cellular phones. WiMAX is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard family, and meets all the requirements for personal broadband.

How do I access WiMAX?

A WiMAX Receiver – The receiver and antenna could be a stand-alone box or a PCMCIA card that sits in your laptop or computer. Access to WiMAX base station is similar to accessing a Wireless Access Point in a WiFi network, but the coverage is more.

Is anyone using WiMAX?

It is still widely used for wireless Internet access especially outside the U.S. There are hundreds of WiMAX installations worldwide, but not so many in the U.S. One main wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) is Clearwire or CLEAR, a division of Sprint that still widely deploys WiMAX throughout the U.S.

How much does WiMAX cost?

According to some estimates, the current subscriber equipment costs about $300, about two times (roughly speaking) the price of WiFi, cable and DSL customer premise equipment. In-Stat, estimates that it would take a total of $3 billion to set-up a national WiMAX network in the US.

Why is WiMAX not used?

James had one viewpoint for the failure of WiMax. Another possible reason for WiMax’s failure was compatibility. Although LTE arrived much later than WiMax, it was actually just an upgrade to existing networks. But thanks to its later arrival, LTE was able to incorporate some of those technologies into its standard.

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What is WiMAX advantages and disadvantages?

The main advantages of WiMAX are that it allows high-speed wireless internet connection over the broad coverage area, while main disadvantages of WiMAX is still much bigger installation coast and also operational cost.

Is WiMAX a 4G?

Along with a competing standard called “LTE,” WiMax, short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, represents 4G or the “fourth generation” of wireless Internet. The new technology is similar to Wi-Fi in that it allows users to connect to the Internet without wires.

Is 5G WiMAX?

On the other hand, one of the big differences between WiMAX and 5G is the unified support for 5G. WiMAX had to compete against LTE and the weight of the 3GPP community. 5G does not have this problem. The problem 5G might have is ambition.

Which is faster wifi or WiMAX?

With regards to Speed, Broadband Wifi 802.11N is actually faster than Wimax 802.16e. For the Wimax Standard 802.16e, they are talking about 70 Mbps. So Wimax is actually slower than Broadband Wifi. On the other hand Wimax 802.16e is ready today with a range of 40 Miles.

What countries use WiMAX?

According to the ITU, WiMAX networks are currently being employed in nine countries in Africa, including South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana.

What is WiMAX class 9?

WiMAX is a wireless communications standard designed for creating metropolitan area networks (MANs). It is similar to the Wi-Fi standard, but supports a far greater range of coverage. Mobile WiMAX stations can broadcast up to 10 miles.

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