Is big data generated by how we use technology today?

Big Data is generated by how we use technology, today. Deontology focuses on adherence to moral duties and morals should apply to everyone, equally. Your personal ethics are NOT influenced by your culture and religion.

Is redistributing goods or products we own by sharing them?

Answer Expert Verified. Collaborative consumption is redistributing goods or products we own by sharing them. It can be a temporary or permanent way of obtaining and providing services and resources through direct interaction with a mediator or other consumers.

What is the gap in ease of access to technology is known as?

The gap in ease of access to technology is known as the digital divide. This is the gap of the access to modern information and communications technology of the different regions and countries. Some countries even have restricted access to some information.

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Is the concept describing the difference between people who have easy access to technology and those who do not?

Answer: The answer is Digital divide. Explanation: Digital divide describes the differences between people with access to the internet, computers or modern ICT or Information Communication Technology and the people that do not.

Who creates big data?

In 2005 Roger Mougalas from O’Reilly Media coined the term Big Data for the first time, only a year after they created the term Web 2.0. It refers to a large set of data that is almost impossible to manage and process using traditional business intelligence tools.

How is big data created?

The bulk of big data generated comes from three primary sources: social data, machine data and transactional data. Whether data is unstructured or structured is also an important factor. Unstructured data does not have a pre-defined data model and therefore requires more resources to make sense of it.

What is a nickname for social media tools which allow users to contribute content easily?

Question Completion Status: 25 points is a nickname for social media tools which allows users to contribute content easily and to easily connect to each other.

What replaces perceived reality?

Computer replaces perceived reality with a different world. Further Explanation: Who actually invented the computer: Charles Babbage, an English mechanical designer and polymath, began the idea of a programmable computer.

What is the difference between data and information quizlet?

Data are the raw bits and pieces of facts and statistics with no context. Information is data that has been given context.

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What technology allows retailers to better respond?

Data mining is a technique to gather data from the registered terminals with the hope of finding a pattern. The retailers or the users use this gathered data to access the sales of the products and also to know the customer’s choice. Data mining is very useful to respond to the consumer buying patterns.

Which of the following computers is large expensive?

The mainframe a very large and expensive computers used by companies to run many applications or computations at a time, while supercomputers are similar but runs very few programs at a time.

What results when leisure time and available tools allow us to engage in creative acts?

Cognitive surplus results from combination of leisure time and creativity tools. Autonomy is the feeling of confidence and excitement from seeing your own skills progress.

What is Digital Divide and why is it important?

The term ‘ digital divide ‘ is used to cover a broad range of social differences in access to and use of digital equipment and services, most notably personal com- puters, and the ability to access the internet in terms of both physical connection and facility of use.

Why is digital divide a problem?

The high cost of computers create a large divide between people who could afford them, and who had access to all the advantages of a computer, and those who could not. The concept of the digital divide is becoming more and more complex as access to computers and the use of computers, changes over time.

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What are the main causes of the digital divide?

Causes and Examples of the Digital Divide Factors such as low literacy and income levels, geographical restrictions, lack of motivation to use technology, lack of physical access to technology, and digital illiteracy contribute to the digital divide.

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