What is a technology product roadmap?

A technology roadmap is a high-level, visual plan that communicates an organization’s technology strategy. It’s also known as an IT roadmap, technology roadmaps help internal teams make strategic decisions around their technical infrastructure.

How do you write a technology roadmap?

Here are six steps you can follow to build your technology roadmap.

  1. Identify your strategic objectives. What are your strategic priorities?
  2. Plan for the future.
  3. Define your functional needs and priorities.
  4. Measure the cost.
  5. Establish realistic timelines.
  6. Appoint an IT steering committee.

What is the purpose of an IT roadmap?

Ultimately, the purpose of a information technology roadmap is to align key stakeholders, such as Engineering, IT, and other business units, by creating a plan of action to implement new technology solutions or maintain existing ones.

What is included in an IT roadmap?

A roadmap is a strategic plan that defines a goal or desired outcome and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach it. It also serves as a communication tool, a high-level document that helps articulate strategic thinking—the why—behind both the goal and the plan for getting there.

Why should managers consider a technology roadmap before buying a technology?

Technology roadmaps are created to help business leaders plan and strategize which, when, and why certain technologies will be onboarded while avoiding expensive mistakes and even planning for technologies becoming obsolete.

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How do you implement a roadmap?

The Six Strategy Roadmap Steps

  1. Lay out your challenges. Ask yourself: Why does the strategic vision or goals exist?
  2. Set your objectives. Ask yourself: What must you achieve to address these challenges?
  3. Assess your capabilities.
  4. Determine your courses of action.
  5. Formulate your initiatives.
  6. Generate your roadmap.

How do you create a roadmap in Excel?

How do I make an Excel Product Roadmap?

  1. Create a new sheet.
  2. Set the printable area to an A4.
  3. Set the timeline along the top.
  4. Setup your swim lanes in alternating shades of light grey.
  5. Draw rectangles for your project items, within each swim lane.

What is a good roadmap?

An effective product roadmap will do more than ‘tell:’ it will also present a simple, realistic visual representation of your vision and how it is tied to company’s goals. Additionally, your roadmap should be easy to understand and persuasive.

What is the difference between roadmap and strategy?

Strategy explains the approach you will take to realize that future state. And a roadmap is the more tactical plan for what you will do to get there (and when you will arrive), informed by the vision and strategy.

How detailed should a roadmap be?

Then, depending on circumstances and the needs of the product manager, the roadmap can also include more tactical levels of detail. In other words, your product roadmap should first tell your product’s story at the highest possible level, and then work its way down into the smaller, more detailed aspects of that story.

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