What is CCIT program?

Develop an in-depth understanding of media and digital technologies and their social implications from cross-disciplinary perspectives.

Is CCIT a good program?

Overall, if you are interested in tech, and how it affects communication and culture and learning the front end part of IT topics its a pretty good program, job wise, you probably are going to need to attend a masters program to get you a decent job.

What can you do with a CCIT degree?

Public Relations/Business Communication

  • Community Relations Professional.
  • Communications Specialist*
  • Corporate Trainer*
  • Fundraiser*
  • Media Relations Officer.
  • Project Manager*

What faculty is CCIT?

ICCIT Faculty | Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology.

What is Digital Enterprise Management?

Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) is a specialist program, providing students with the skills and knowledge for utilizing digital technologies to solve business management and organizational problems in creative and innovative ways.

What is container closure integrity testing?

Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) is an assay that evaluates the adequacy of container closure systems to maintain a sterile barrier against potential contaminants. Contaminants that could potentially cross a container closure barrier include microorganisms, reactive gases, and other substances (USP <1207>).

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